A Beautiful and Useful Patio

Patio pavers are becoming the next great architectural and design element for outdoor construction. Patio pavers allow home and business owners to extend their living and work space to the outdoors, particularly in temperate climates like Southern California. Orange County residents have particularly embraced the revolution of using interlocking stone pavers to construct beautiful and useful patio areas complete with outdoor kitchens, relaxation areas and even dining facilities.

The Most Beautiful Patio You Will Ever Own

There is just no comparison between the beautiful patios created by Ocean Pavers and traditional macadam or concrete construction. Ocean Pavers offers more than 50 different colors and patterns to choose from so that anyone can create a unique and beautiful addition to a home or business. With breathtaking design and expert installation, your Ocean Pavers patio will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Ocean Pavers does not stop with flat patio construction. We can also build up planters, walls and other objects to create the perfect yard design. We can finish your walls in stucco or any other veneer you like and apt it with a variety of materials.

In addition to your beautiful new patio, you may also want to consider incorporating these design elements into your overall landscaping design:

  • Drains. By installing drainage systems into your patios or walkways, we can help you correct drainage issues. Ocean Pavers will help you design the perfect drainage system that solve your drain issues without ruining the look of your patio or yard.
  • Landscape Lighting. Ocean Pavers can install low-voltage lighting to enhance the look of your backyard or patio and highlight your beautiful landscaping plan. Low-voltage lighting consumes far less electricity than other types of lighting and gives your yard a beautiful glow.
  • Electrical. A large part of many outdoor landscaping plans involves electricity. You may want new lighting in and around your patio or your yard. You may also need additional outlets so that you can plug in tools or other items. Ocean Pavers can help you get the right lighting around your patio or run additional outlets to suit your needs all through your yard.
  • Gas lines. Fire pits and gas barbecue islands are becoming very popular and upscale additions to outdoor living areas. At Ocean Pavers, we work with you to create the perfect addition to your outdoor area. We can run gas lines and hookups for all of your gas-powered appliances and items on your porch or patio as well as throughout your yard.
  • Walls. If you need walls or dividers, Ocean Pavers can install freestanding or retaining walls. We have a variety of materials we can use for the fa├žade of your walls including materials that match your paving, stone and other veneers.
  • Sprinkler Systems and Landscape Irrigation. Your lawn and garden need watering, and what better way to make it easy on yourself than to allow Ocean Pavers to install a new sprinkler or landscape irrigation system? We will coordinate your landscape irrigation with your new construction to give you flip-of-the-switch watering capabilities for all your plants. We can even add landscape irrigation beneath your new pavers!

Ocean Pavers can show you some samples of our beautiful outdoor areas and create a perfect design just for you. Let us transform your backyard into a beautiful warm retreat that you can share and enjoy for life!


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