Community Transformation

HOA Pavers & Commercial Paver projects include the following: HOA Paver entry ways & roadways, HOA Paver pool decks, Paver common areas and Paver walkways within the community. Another area that Pavers benefit the community is through installation of Paver Speed tables or “Paver transition strips”


  • Commercial pavers enhance the overall look of any office park or office complex or retail center. There is a trend in commercial and retail building for more paver installations and enhancements. Pavers increase aesthetics and create warmth and character to the overall architectural structures.
  • Increase value. HOA paver installations greatly increase the community and value of the homes within the community. It has been proven that HOA paver installations within the community or at the front entry’s greatly increases curb appeal and overall aesthetics of the community.
  • Low cost of maintenance. HOA paver or commercial paver installations are increasing common. There is a trend in commercial and home builders to add more Paver installations within the community or office park. Architects are increasing adding paver installations to all new planned building. Property managers and the community within and HOA will save millions over the life of a paver installation vs. concrete or asphalt due to the low cost of maintenance.
  • More cost effective. Paver installations are less likely to crack and decay. Pavers are 4 times stronger than asphalt and concrete. Pavers are an average of 8000 psi.
  • Earthquakes. HOA paver installations are less vulnerable to damage. Pavers are a modular product that is designed to flex under stress giving pavers superior durability.
  • ECO Friendly. HOA pavers or Commercial paver installations also allow water and runoff to permeate into the subgrade or soil. This is a tremendous advantage over concrete or asphalt which allow No permeation into the soil. There in an average or 6 to 8 percent in water permeation with normal pavers with paver joints less than 1/8 of an inch.

We are not limited to Pavers, we also build walls, and add stone veneer to existing walls within any HOA or Commercial project. Another area that HOA’s are increasingly upgrading to is Synthetic Turf in common areas to reduce the community water bill. (See Synthetic Turf page)


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Why Pavers?

Pavers are certainly beautiful, but are they worth the investment?
Pavers offer a perfect way to enhance the look of your home but they also offer other benefits as well.